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Innovation at BlaBlaCar: Creating a Community for Ridesharing 

Authors : Helen Etchanchu, Hervé Mathe

The main case study is situated in spring 2011 and describes the early beginning of the promising start-up BlaBlaCar, operating; the leading website for ridesharing in France. Key points of interest are the company’s innovation process, its extraordinary company culture and imminent...


Narayana Hospitals: Innovation Management Services in Healthcare 

Authors : Xavier Pavie

This multimedia case study describes the story of both Dr. Devi Shetty and Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital, its future orientations as well as an analysis of the limits of its economic model. It contains a unique and exclusive interview with Dr. Shetty conducted by Dr. Xavier Pavie.


Raffles Hotel Singapore

Author : Michel Phan

Despite its internationally well-known brand name, this case study shows how the Raffles Hotel Singapore is still struggling to attract more Asian guests to stay in its rooms. In addition the hotel is still facing an increasing competition from other luxury hotel chains such as the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Marriott and St Regis. ...


Plaza Athénée Paris: Service Innovation in a Luxury Hotel

Author : M. Phan

This case study shows how the Plaza Athenee Paris, a French luxury hotel of the Dorchester Collection, has emerged over the years as a reference in service innovation. Via the case, students will discover: (1) the successful innovation process used and the secrets of this success; (2) strong management leadership; (3) a shared corporate culture; (4) an adapted organisational structure; and (5) a family of highly-motivated employees. ...


Danone Dairy Turkey: Brand Portfolio Strategy

Author : Danielle Viens

This multimedia case study shows how to overcome a difficult business situation and to achieve market leadership. It puts you in the position of the marketing manager of Danone Dairy Turkey in 2002, when the country went through a severe economic crisis. Sales volumes and profitability collapsed and the company had to completely reconsider its strategy and marketing plans. ...


Club Mediterrannée: Upscale Strategy Through Innovation and Quality of Service

Author : Xavier Pavie

This multimedia case study describes both the story and "DNA" of the Club Med's marketing strategies, its past and future orientations as well as its development on the Asian market. It illustrates by various surveys: customers analysis, competitive environment, consumers habits and helps to understand the role of innovation to revamp a company in the hospitality sector but more generally in the service economy. ...


Grameen Danone in Bangladesh: Building, Rebuilding and Sustaining the Social Business

Authors : Cécile Renouard, Pierre-Louis Corteel, Ludovic Rouvier, Grégory Flipo

This case is based on a reconstruction of circumstances at Grameen Danone Foods Ltd in Bangladesh at the end of 2008 during a project phase that put tough questions to company management and shareholders. At first, these questions were linked to a doubling of milk prices in April 2008 and challenged the initial model, which had just begun to function. ...


Surfboard Industry: from Local Craftsmen to a Global Industry

Author : Laurent Bourgeon

This multimedia case study describes changes that have occurred in the surfboard industry and underscores the market's structure, which is now split between local craftsmen and worldwide companies. It illustrates how the surfboard industry and local shapers have been shaken by the democratization of extreme sports, by technological and environmental constraints, and by the globalization of the market.


T1 Tower at La Défense Business District

Author : Ingrid Nappi-Choulet

In this case study, students play the part of an asset manager at SITQ; The manager must analyze the real estate market in the Paris-La Défense business district in order to analyze strategic opportunity for the development of an important, speculative real estate project, The T1 Tower, in 2004. ...


77, avenue des Champs-Elysées

Author : Ingrid Nappi-Choulet

This case study places students in the position of a property asset manager who must analyse the Paris commercial property market of 2002 and make a decision on whether or not to sell a property on the Champs-Elysees. In studying the case, students will discover Grosvenor, one of the largest UK-based real estate investors and developers in Europe and worldwide. ...